1.FM - High Voltage Radio online radio

1.FM - High Voltage Radio

Switzerland / english
MP3 : 192

1.FM - High Voltage Radio is an electrifying online radio station that delivers a surge of high-energy music across a wide range of genres. With a pulsating mix of rock, alternative, metal, and punk, this station is dedicated to delivering an intense and exhilarating listening experience.

This online radio station showcases an impressive array of music from both established acts and up-and-coming artists. From the aggressive riffs of heavy rock and metal to the raw energy of alternative and punk, 1.FM - High Voltage Radio caters to fans of loud and powerful music.

The station offers a carefully curated selection of tracks that span different eras and sub-genres of rock music. Whether you are a fan of classic rock legends like Led Zeppelin and AC/DC or prefer the raw intensity of contemporary bands like Foo Fighters and Black Stone Cherry, 1.FM - High Voltage Radio has got you covered.

The website for 1.FM - High Voltage Radio is sleek and user-friendly, making it easy for listeners to navigate and explore the station's extensive music library. The site also features additional information and resources for rock music enthusiasts, including news, interviews, and recommendations for new artists and albums to check out.

With its high-voltage playlist and passionate dedication to rock music, 1.FM - High Voltage Radio is a go-to destination for fans of energetic and powerful tunes. Whether you are looking to headbang to heavy metal anthems or rock out to infectious alternative hits, this online radio station will leave you energized and craving more.
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Radiostation playlist

Artist Song title
Megadeth Killing Road
Cold Ocean
Unloco Failure
Clutch Equinox
Chevelle The Clincher
Saint Caine This Time
40 Below Summer 03. Still Life
Dark New Day Brother
P.O.D. Sleeping Awake
Nickelback Fight For All The Wrong Reasons
The Clay People Plug
Lacuna Coil Daylight Dancer
Fozzy Daze Of The Weak
Arch Enemy Bridge Of Destiny
Thornley So Far So Good
The Color Red Sore Throat
The Atomic Bitchwax Kiss The Sun
Adema AudioTrack 03
Arch Enemy Nemesis
Marilyn Manson Disassociative
Dark New Day Bare bones
Losing Sun Closure
Slipknot Wait And Bleed
Brand New Sin Black and Blue
3 Doors Down Track 04
Karnivool Cote
Tool Lateralus
Tool Forty Six & 2
Knuckle Deep Beautiful Nothing
Tool Jambi

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