105.9 Academy FM (Folkestone) online radio

105.9 Academy FM (Folkestone)

The United Kingdom Of Great Britain And Northern Ireland / english
MP3 : 64

Academy FM is an online radio station based in Folkestone, United Kingdom. With the frequency of 105.9, it is a vibrant and dynamic platform that brings together the local community through music, news, and interactive programming.

At Academy FM Folkestone, their mission is to entertain, inform, and engage their listeners in a way that reflects the diversity and spirit of the local community. Whether you are a music lover, a news enthusiast, or simply looking to stay connected with what's happening in and around Folkestone, this online radio station offers an ideal platform to fulfil those needs.

One of the key features of 105.9 Academy FM is its commitment to supporting local talent and promoting community initiatives. They actively involve local musicians, artists, and organizations, providing them with a platform to showcase their work and create a dialogue with the community. In addition, they regularly cover local events, news, and issues that matter to the people of Folkestone.

The programming at Academy FM encompasses a wide range of genres and tastes. From classic hits and chart-topping music to specialist shows focusing on specific genres like rock, indie, or jazz, there is something for everyone. The hosts and DJs bring their passion and knowledge to the airwaves, creating a personal and immersive listening experience that keeps the audience engaged.

Moreover, Academy FM Folkestone actively encourages interaction with the audience. Their website features a live stream, allowing listeners to tune in from anywhere, anytime. The station also provides various platforms for the community to interact, including phone-ins, social media channels, and even in-studio guest appearances. This level of engagement creates a real sense of connection and community spirit.

In conclusion, 105.9 Academy FM (Folkestone) is an online radio station that has successfully established itself as a vital part of the local community. Through its diverse programming, dedication to local talent, and active engagement with listeners, it has become a go-to source for music, news, and entertainment in Folkestone and beyond.
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